Finished: Batman Arkham Origins

An interesting third part to the Batman Arkham series, unfortunately it lacks the charm and interest of the first two games. It would have been more interesting to see the rise and origins of the various baddies of the series rather than just the Joker.

The combat is excellent as you would expect from a Batman game, the ability to flow together combos is something that never gets old and there is a healthy array of gadgets to help you.

The game has plenty of content and kept me going for around 30 hours. Unfortunately there were a couple of bugs that impacted the gameplay such as enemies becoming far too intimate with walls and various prompts not being displayed when they should have been.

The third installment of the Batman Arkham series is an intriguing addition to the franchise. While it may not have captured the same charm and interest as the first two games, it still offers an enjoyable experience for fans.

The combat mechanics in the game remain excellent, as expected from a Batman title. The seamless flow of combos and the wide selection of gadgets at your disposal contribute to an immersive and satisfying combat experience.

With a generous amount of content, the game provides around 30 hours of gameplay, offering a substantial experience for players. However, it is unfortunate that some bugs impacted the overall gameplay. Issues such as enemies getting too close to walls and prompts failing to display when necessary can disrupt the immersion and enjoyment of the game, as there are many games you can enjoy such as casino games from the highway casino online.

Despite these flaws, the game still offers a solid experience for fans of the series. The engaging combat, rich content, and the opportunity to step into the shoes of Batman make it worth exploring.



Overall it’s a solid game in an excellent series.

Finished: Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising

I actually preferred the base game over chaos rising, the Tyranids provide a real exciting and credible threat whereas the Chaos Space Marines come off as cartoonish and arrogant.

The overall length of the game was short and the character progression stops too soon, meaning that your main squads reach maximum level half way through the game!

The boss fights are basically bullet sponges with some annoying area of effect attacks.

Over all – stick to Dawn of War 2.

WTF Is UPlay?


Wanted to play Far Cry 3, turns out I have to use yet another pointless game ‘service’. Seriously, for single player I have to register an account and be logged on and all sorts of other rubbish. Really getting tired of this all because of piracy. Next time I’m getting it from the Pirate Bay.

Project Eternity

I have backed my first Kickstarter campaign, and what a place to start! Project Eternity is the idea from a group of clearly very talented developers with titles such as Baldur’s Gate, Fallout and Planescape Torment under their belts. TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE. Cannot wait to see how this game turns out.

Been very impressed with their attitude about the whole thing, very frequent updates and lots of chances to communicate with the developers. I just really hope they preserve the feel of the original Baldur’s Gate which seems to be it’s closest spiritual predecessor.

The Kickstarter process is very easy and clear to use, I will definitely be on the lookout for more good ideas to get behind.

Some more info –

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

A really excellent piece of news which I only found out from a tabloid website is that the original programmers for Baldur’s Gate have got back together in order to update the games for a more modern time.

The best part is that these games aren’t getting torn apart and dumbed down for the Call of Battlefield Duty console gamers but getting left in their original unadulterated RPG goodness. The Baldur’s Gate series is easily the greatest RPG made, the depth of the story and the characters, the environments and the many side quests. This release is the first game including the expansion with Baldur’s Gate II set for a release later on.

You can even play it on an tablet so I am very tempted to get it on more than one platform. Anyway, if you’ve played these games before you’re definitely going to be buying them and if you haven’t then you owe yourself a taste of how great a game can be given the opportunity.

Find all the information you need here –

UPDATE – Pre-ordered 😀



The latest version of the Crytek engine has been released, yet again pushing what you think is possible on current hardware. Another good bit of information is that Crysis 3 will be out next year. Unfortunately that means it will be released on the Xbox and the PS3 which seriously hampered the graphic performance in Crysis 2. Now if they were to focus on a PC only version we could really see some of the magic that the original Crysis brought to it. Fun fact, the original Crysis was being used as a benchmark in Custom PC magazine three years after it was released.

Check out the video here –

How awesome would it be to see Skyrim using this engine?

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