Generic CSV to Plot With Numpy and Python

Given multiple CSV files containing a timestamp column and some plottable values (int or float) this script will plot multiple columns of data by time.

Usage is as such – ./CSVPlot.py first.csv second.csv third.csv



SQLite Database to CSV

Wrote a Python script that can dump a SQLite database to CSV, it takes the column names as the header and then writes values below. It also has a –sumarise option that can create a one line CSV file of multiple lines in a database.

Does have the option to support XML output in the future but a format would need to be defined by the user.


Reading a CSV File in C++

This is an example of how to read a CSV file in C++, the while loop and the struct will need to be changed according to how your CSV file is set up. In mine I only require the name and id so use two getlines in the while loop. This most likely could be optimised in some way.

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