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Bag of Words Implementation

Bag of words is a method for reducing natural text into a representative model for use with machine learning and natural language processing.

I used it to train a network on log messages and then assign scores to known log messages, based on a bag of words representation the neural network can give a score of how well the test data matches.


Image Recognition Tool

As I’ve recently got quite into machine learning tools I’ve written a small GUI based tool that uses the PyBrains library to ‘learn’ a common theme from a folder of training data. To test new images, drag and drop them onto the tool to get a percentage of similarity to the test data.

The tool is written using Python, PyBrains, Glade2 and PyGTK so you need those libraries available.

The tool can be downloaded here – image_recognition_tool

A presentation I made for work that is an introduction to machine learning. Notes included with power point slides. Machine Learning

Image Recognition with PyBrains

After recently completing the Machine Learning course from Stanford University on Coursera I’ve been preparing to give a small introduction to machine learning at work. Part of that is showing some demos of machine learning tools.

I made a character recognition neural network using the PyBrains Python library, it’s a great library and very fast but the documentation is very poor and examples are hard to come across. With enough digging I managed to put together something very simple and short.

In this example it reads in small PNG files of letters, extracts all of the pixel values and creates a 1D array of the values, this is used to train the neural network through back propagation. I test the network on one of the inputs. Each input is classified with a number in the addSample function, this takes the flattened array and a number (unfortunately it does not take a string as a classification). If you run the application you will see that, for example when using b.png as a test, it will return a value close to 2.

You can download the images I used here – Machine Learning Training Characters.


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