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Fitbit Flex Bluetooth Syncing with HTC One X

Finally got Bluetooth syncing from my One X to my Fitbit Flex, here’s how –

First ensure that your phone has at least Android 4.3 or higher, in my case I’m running Cyanogenmod 10.2, then head to this link to sign up for the Fitbit Beta – Once you sign up to for beta access it may take around ten minutes for this to register with Google, then an update to the Fitbit application will be available on your phone.

After the update ensure that Bluetooth is active and enjoy your wireless syncing!

HTC One X and Jawbone Up Problems

I got quite excited about the recent push into wearable computers and bought a Jawbone Up to keep track of everything I do. It is a neat system that tracks sleep and movement during the day, it also comes with an excellent mobile application for keep track of this data. Data is transferred from the band using the 3.5mm headphone jack which I thought was quite smart. Only problem? It doesn’t work with the HTC One X, pretty much the only phone it doesn’t work with.

I have tried pretty much everything to get it working and also got in touch with Jawbone to find out what was going on (complete lack of communication and information regarding this issue). After a month they decided to get back to me. The emails are at the bottom of this post.

It looks like I will have to replace either the phone or the band. I was looking at getting the Fitbit Flex as it transfers over Bluetooth which is a much better system. Although I’ve heard there are issues with various Android phones and that also!


Jack Concanon 

Apr 05 00:36 (PDT)

Hello there,

I was just wondering on the state of support for the HTC One X and whether
it is dependant on hardware or software of the phone? I am currently
running a custom jellybean ROM with no sound equalising software installed,
when I connect the band to the phone and attempt to sync it does flash
red/green as though it is transferring but it always fails. It does work
fine on a Nexus 4.

I have tried checking logging output and can’t see anything obvious from
the phone.

Anyway, great product just wondering if there is a problem with the phone
hardware itself or if I can just install a different rom? I see on the
supported device list the American HTC One X+ is unsupported but there are
some hardware differences between the two phones and the European models.

Many thanks,
Jack Concanon

Peter (Jawbone Support) 

May 09 05:14 (PDT)

Hello Jack,

Thanks for your email and apologies for the delay in correspondence.

As far as we know – this is not dependant on the ROM installed, although custom ROMs can run into various issues, this HTC ONE X issue seems to be more hardware-related.

You can however try (if you haven’t done so already)
– Uninstalling the App
– Check that Bluetooth is off (has affected some Android models)
– Check that the volume it turned on for ringtone, media, notifications and system (usually accessed by pressing a volume up/down button, hen pressing the gear icon beside the volume control – as we were looking at earlier, this can affect sync on iOS, so it’s worth exploring on Android)

– power cycle the phone


Kind regards,

Jawbone EU Support Team

Phone: +44 (0) 203 027 2094
Fax: +44 (0) 141 248 8142

Weekdays 8AM-5PM (UK Time)

HTC One X – One Hot Potato

I bought the HTC One X after my trusty Desire HD ended it’s life inside my washing machine. A fantastic phone and quite the looker but woah does this thing get hot when it’s doing something!

The other day I was using the Google video chat and the notification LED started flashing orange and green at me, seems to mean that it’s overheating and you should probably stop doing what you’re doing.

There’s a new update doing the rounds at the moment, V2.05 I think, hopefully it will sort some of these problems out.

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